Whether you are a spectator at the X-Games, catching a glimpse of the World Cup Snowboarding series, or simply flicking through a wakeboarding magazine, then chances are you have seen our product design work in action. Developing product ideas & concepts right through the development cycle to production, we have worked with several of the biggest and most renowned brands in the action sports and marine industries. Creativity, experience, participation and a passion for detail seem to define our continuing involvement and customer satisfaction.

Naturally we gravitate towards developing products for the industries we associate with, understand and have been active participants in over the years. We believe this allows us to better connect with our customer’s, understand their requirements and seamlessly develop innovative products that target the emotions and needs of our customers respective markets.

While focused, we’re also multidisciplinary. 
We’re well versed in design communication, manufacturing techniques, materials and processes which crossover to a variety of different product groups and industries. We operate a flexible design & development process allowing our services to be engaged at any point throughout the development cycle, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

We’re always interested in new opportunities to design & develop creative, cost effective, commercially viable products to meet the demands of your respective market place.

We encourage you to read through our case studies to get a better idea of how our services have helped others… and how we may help you.