Always inspired by Jamie’s creativity and eye for design!  His originality and diverse graphic ability really make NewFoundBrand unique. His site is definitely worth a look and he’s always adding new interesting articles and portfolio pieces.

A close friend and respected surf photographer. We’ve watch Jeremy’s evolution from the budding snowboard videographer to the well rounded advertising, product and surf photographer that he is today. If you ever get the chance to peak inside his library of photo’s you’ll see some amazing images.

Brandon, the man behind ContraBrand! What a creative and passionate designer. Always pushing hard to support his friends and the industry he loves. He’s a busy character and has some great work to show for it.

Try and find a better snowboard manufacturer.
From the staff on the factory floor, right the way through management to the CEO, they are the friendliest, most hard working, organized, inspired and reliable team you can find producing snowboards. They also know how to have a good time!  Did we also mention that they are the words largest snowboard producer producing over 300,000 boards a year and approximately 4.2 million since starting their snowboard production back in 1988.  Mind blowing processes, equipment and technical knowledge really propel Elan to be the worlds leading manufacturer.

No one has more dedication to their brand than Walter – Zion’s CEO. Over the years he’s worked hard, developing his snowboard and skateboard brand, developing new product lines and dreaming up programs that give back to the community. Zion has recently developed and implemented an inspirational Program which they refer to as P.O.P. Click on the link to see what Zion’s all about!

Our good friend Chad Perrin formally the marketing / team manager from Option snowboards has made a triumphant return to the snowboard community by teaming up with YES Snowboards as their USA sales manager.  YES is a rider owned and opperated company established by several of the industries most renowned and respected riders. Look for them in a store near you!

Spearheaded and inspired by Bob Carlson, Arbor’s products are driven by their ecological and environmentally based approach to snowboarding, skateboarding and apparel. Don’t let the laid back “Venice beach” vibe of these Californians deceive you, they have a unique, passionate and highly technical approach to the development of their products. Their snowboards are hands down some of the most beautiful boards on the market.

Definitely a unique approach to snowboarding, with graphics and art direction like no other. A great bunch of guys with a strong vision and presence within the snowboard industry.

Manufacturers of drywall / plaster board tools for the North American market. Click here to take a look at their comprehensive product line!

If you’re looking for a great way to relax, Hammocks Australia has the solution. They sell hand made authentic Mexican hammocks, blankets and scarves.