Our years of experience allow us to quickly and efficiently develop multiple conceptual solutions in accordance with each agreed project brief. All aspects of the product are considered, visualized and used as the foundation for the remainder of the development cycle. This creative process allows us all to evaluate multiple ideas and focus on the best solution for your product needs. Powerful intellectual property is often a result of this process.

  • 2D & 3D CAD
    We operate a number of the latest 2D & 3D CAD software packages. These programs are used to quickly and effectively communicate product designs with suppliers, manufacturers and clients. Data from these programs may also be used to produce tooling, rapid prototypes and sales/marketing literature. The benefits to using CAD systems like these are speed to market and improved communication (for all parties involved) through accurate product visualization in the early stages of the design process.

    Photorealistic renderings are a great way to present new products in the early stages of development. We use 3D CAD software to prepare and process high resolution images which are often used in presentations, catalogues, web, posters and other marketing & sales literature. Its often hard to tell if it’s a real photo or not so it’s a great way to receive early feedback on the design from Dealers, Customers or just internally within the office.

    Rapid prototyping is the prefect solution for quick accurate physical models of your new product. These models are ideal for evaluation purposes and often testing. Whether you require SLA, CNC or short run silicon mould casting, we’ll be able to best select the prototyping technologies most suitable to the project at hand.

    We offer a number of different product testing services depending on the product requirements. In house we have the ability to conduct finite element analysis (FEA) testing through 3D software which is a great way to test the design before prototyping or sampling. Once prototypes or samples are produced often lab testing or field testing maybe required to prove aspects of the design or the design as a whole. Our experience in design & manufacturing allows us to identify the individual product testing requirements and either conduct or manage the testing process and deliver reliable results.

    Attention to detail and clear communication are the keys to success when communicating the design intent of your new product. We use proven communication systems and languages that follow Australian and International standards when documenting the design of each new product. This documentation is typically used to produce moulds, program CNC equipment or simply to instruct a worker how to fabricate or assemble the different components. It’s essential for the manufacturing process and also makes it very easy to discuss and receive feedback on the design from a variety of manufacturers when obtaining quotations.

    Over the years we have developed several long standing relationships with a variety of different vendors, brokers and manufacturers, both local and offshore. Through these relationships we’re able to offer virtually unlimited access to materials, processes and manufacturing techniques to best fit your requirements. For those of you that are not so technically minded or would prefer to remain focused on the areas of business that you specialize in, we offer a manufacturing sourcing/management service that allows you to leave all the technical details and communication in our capable hands.

    A critical component in each and every products development! By considering the product presentation and packaging functionality right through to international freight transportation methods and domestic drop shipment requirements, we’re able to develop durable, reliable solutions that will ensure your products are well presented and arrive safely in your customers hands.

    Instructions can make or break a products success at a consumer level. If a products instructions are inadequate or non existent it can result in user frustration or worse, poorly installed products that may present themselves as liability risks. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a product with poor instructions so when it comes to instruction manuals we believe in documenting every step in a clear easy to understand format using images and illustrations where possible. This approach also benefits products made available for world wide sale as images and illustrations are a universal language. Our 3D CAD software allows us to easily produce line artwork images that can be incorporated into these manuals.

    Product photography and presentation is often a critical component when it comes to marketing and sales. It’s important that products are photographed in the correct way to really capture their true style/function and to connect with the emotions of the end consumer. We offer both studio photography or on-location photography and are happy to provide expert advice on the theme or setting that will best suit the product.

    When taking your product to market its essential that you have the right combination of look and feel that will connect with the emotions of your target audience. Product graphics, packaging, marketing/sales literature, etc… must all be considered. Through our graphic design service we carefully consider all of these elements and provide elegant solutions that take into account brand recognition and brand placement right through to the technical printing and graphic application details.