“In 14 years of making snowboards, I have never had such an amazing response to one of our designs.  And you all know that this is saying something.   Pat Bridges, the Editor of Snowboarder Magazine, who is a Lib Banana guy all the way, just emailed us and said: “ I just wanted to let you know I have 3 days in VT on the Draft and have been really, really stoked on it.”  Just to get Pat to take the time to ride the Draft once, is an achievement.  The fact that he rode it 3 days, is super stoked on it, and took the time to write and tell us – is huge.  We are hearing similar feedback form all corners.”
Bob Carlson, CEO/President, Arbor Sports

For a number of years, George was the creative thrust driving the product development team at Option. The tremendous creativity and imagination George brought to the challenge resulted in industry leading snowboard designs delivered on schedule. The fact that George is also a superior action sports athlete gives him a unique ability to see innovative solutions. Great to work with too!” 
Geoff Power, former CEO, Option Snowboards

“I had the privilege of working with George as a member of my product design team for 4 ½ years. He is a truly talented designer with a host of skills and capabilities which enable him to deliver outstanding results. Plus he is a pleasure to work with.”
Grant Wellington, Founder of Option Snowboards

“I have known and worked with George from Design Cartel for several years. He has designed most of the ZION Snowboard shapes that we have used for the past 4 seasons. I’ve had many people tell me that our Z1 Series is the best board they have ever ridden – this board was designed and developed by George.
He has been very easy to work with and has come up with excellent solutions to put out the best products possible. I look forward to working with Design Cartel for many years to come. ”
Walter Froese, CEO, ZION Snowboards